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Complete Breville Oracle Touch Maintenance Plan

Your Breville Oracle Touch machine is an expensive investment in everyday happiness. To maximize the longevity of your machine, as well as the taste of your coffee, we recommend these maintenance steps and service intervals. Please note that we no longer recommend descaling on a regular basis... descaling is causing issues for many machines. Instead use soft or balanced water, and use the Claro Swiss (or equivalent) water filters to reduce hardness.

Download the maintenance plan in PDF:
Breville Oracle Touch Maintenance Plan
Download PDF • 449KB

Watch the video:


  • Flush the shower screen

  • Clean the steam wand

  • Empty the drip tray

  • Wash the portafilter & basket


  • Clear water backflush

  • Flush shower screen w/portafilter

  • Full machine wipe down

  • Wash the drip tray


  • Clean steam wand w/cleaning solution

  • Clean tamp fan

  • Clean the grinder

  • Wash the hopper

  • Deep clean spouted portafilter

As necessary:

  • Run the cleaning cycle (about every 2 months; prompted by machine)

  • Water filter (about ever 3 months; prompted by machine); use Claro Swiss filters

  • Clean the shower screen and spacer (about every 9 months; on your own)

  • Descale only as necessary

Points of emphasis:

Descaling is causing serious issues on some machines. We recommend using quality water from the onset, and changing your Claro Swiss water filters when the reminder appears on the machine. Claro Swiss filters can be pricey; you can opt for this version, which also reduces water hardness through ion-exchange resin and active carbon.


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