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Triple Blended Coffee Beans


Here are some of the accessories we love and use daily. You may find some of these helpful in your daily coffee preparations

The naked portafilter is nice addition to the 
Breville Oracle Touch  

The naked, or bottomless portafilter is typically used to assess distribution and tamping technique while preparing the espresso puck because it will reveal channeling or squirting. While it is always cool to watch espresso come out of a naked portafilter, it’s use is limited with the Oracle Touch. Since the machine does the distribution and tamping, the naked portafilter will show you if channeling is occurring, but you will not really be able to do much about it. Also note that you can prepare two cappuccinos at the same time with the naked portafilter. Still... I love it & use it every single day.


Brewing ratios are critical to brewing great espresso. This small and inexpensive scale is a great addition any espresso machine setup.

This small scale fits under the double-spouted portafilter, while still accommodating a decent size low-profile latte cup. It is easy to use, and accurate enough to produce great brews. You can spend upwards of $200 USD for a scale, but you really don't have to. This one works just as well.

This 3oz shot glass with spouts makes it easy to collect your espresso from any espresso machine 
and add it to your travel mug.

There is not much clearance under the Oracle Touch group head, so many cups, and most travel mugs will not fit under the group head to brew directly into. This 3oz shot glass with spout is ideal to transfer your espresso into any other container, while including as much of the crema as possible. 


The Breville Oracle Touch makes switching out beans easy, except for the beans left on the burrs. These tweezers are great to resolve this annoyance. 

A portafilter scale allows you to check the dose of ground coffee produced your espresso machine

This portafilter scale is big enough to accommodate the large portafilters so that you can verify your dose to better brew with ratios. First turn on the scale, place you portafilter on it, press the “T” button to tare, load the portafilter in the grinder, grind coffee, then place the loaded portafilter on the scale to weigh your dose of ground coffee.

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