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Coffee Drip

A Quest For Better Coffee




We support small roasters!

Coffee we love and buy from small roasters:

- Red Rooster Coffee (Floyd, VA): Old Crow Cuppa Joe (medium roast)

- Foundation Coffee (Fairfax, VA): Blackbird (light-medium roast)

- Foundation Coffee (Fairfax, VA): African Flower (light-medium roast)

- Good Brothers Coffee (MI): Costa Rica Cordillera De Fuego (light-medium roast)

Other coffee we buy:

- Caffe Lusso (Redmond, WA): Gran Miscela Carmo (medium)

- Caffe Lusso (Redmond, WA): Ethiopia Sidama

Most videos (and personal consumption) use Red Rooster Coffee.

We are not affiliated with any of the above roasters. We purchase our coffee and thus provide these recommendations objectively.


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